Fuji City Guidebook

Fuji City Guidebook


  • Fujisan Shirasu Street
    Fujisan Shirasu Street
    Fujisan Shirasu Street

    Tagonoura Fishing Port is famous for shirasu, young sardines caught from Suruga Bay. On the west side of the port, many shirasu dealers gather along a street called Fujisan Shirasu Kaido, or Young Sardines Street.
    You can try the fresh, young sardines at the Fisheries Cooperative Restaurant at the Tagonoura Port.

  • Fujinokuni Tagonoura Port Park
    Fujinokuni Tagonoura Port Park

    You can see the entire view of Tagonoura Port from the observatory located in the Fujinokuni Tagonoura Port Park. The view you see here is very unique to Fuji City. On a clear day, you can take photos of Tagonoura Port, fishing boats, and the spread of the factories along the coast with majestic Mt. Fuji in the background. Stone inscriptions of Yamabeno Akahito's old tanka poetry are placed in the park, and they provide a suitable backdrop of Mt. Fuji to take pictures with.

  • The anchor of the Diana
    The anchor of the Diana

    The Diana, a Russian warship, came to Japan asking for the country be opened to overseas trade. Unfortunately, it sank off the coast of Tagonoura due to a large earthquake at the end of the Edo period. Its anchor was raised in 1976 after lying on the seabed for some 120 years.

  • Stone inscriptions of Yamabe no Akahito's tanka Poetry
    Stone inscriptions of Yamabe no Akahito's tanka Poetry

    [In the Tago coast / my eyes caught the stark / whiteness of the Fuji / Over its lofty peak / Snow is falling]. This poem contained in the Manyoshu (Japan's oldest poem anthology), was written by Yamabe no Akahito, a poet in Nara period. Those inscriptions are made of lava columns from Mt.Fuji.

  • Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776
    Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776

    "Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776" is the 42 kilometer-long climbing route to Mt. Fuji, which starts from its base at sea level (zero altitude) to the summit. It will be a very challenging route as you have to walk on paved road for the first 32 kilometers and then hike up 10 kilometers before finally reaching the summit.