Fuji City Guidebook

Fuji City Guidebook

Parks & Facilities

  • Iwamotoyama Park
    Iwamotoyama Park
    Iwamotoyama Park

    This park is located on the top of Mt. lwamoto. You can see Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Izu Peninsula, Suruga Bay, and even the Southern Alps of Japan You can also enjoy seeing flowers (including plum and cherry blossoms) in all four seasons. In early spring, over 300 ume trees (Japanese plums blossoms make the foot of Mt. Fuji even more pleasantly beautiful and provide an excellent opportunity for photographs of the stunning scenery.

  • Road Station Fujikawa Rakuza
    Road Station Fujikawa Rakuza

    Fujikawa Rakuza is a rest area facility for highway users which opened in 2003. It can also be used by people who live near this area. This was the first of many locally motivated highway rest stops made in Japan. In this facility, there are amusement facility, a virtual theater, restaurant and souvenir shops. The view from the fourth floor viewing lounge is wonderful.

  • Taketori Park
    Taketori Park

    Taketori Monogatari (the tale of the bamboo cutter) is the oldest novel in Japan. Fuji is said to be the most likely setting of this story. This park has an egg-shaped stone of the Taketori princess.

  • Chuo Park (Central Park)
    Chuo Park (Central Park)

    This park is located in the center of the city. In the park, there is a large open grass area, open-air stages, a pond which reflects Mt.Fuji on a sunny day, and the rose garden. The park is crowded with people during weekend.

  • Fuji Nishi Park (Fuji West Park)
    Fuji Nishi Park (Fuji West Park)

    This park has many varieties of trees and plants. Plum trees start blossoming from mid-February to mid-March and cherry trees begin to blossom from the end of March to early April. The park has both a lava overflow plateau from Mt. Fuji and a big green lawn. In addition to the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, this lava overflow plateau and the wide spread of green area create a harmonious scenery of nature. The contrast between Shin-Tomei Expressway Bridge, which is over 20 meters high, and Mt. Fuji makes a magnificent view.