Shin-Fuji Tourist Information center
Shin-Fuji Tourist Information office
Shin-Fuji Tourist Information office

Tourist information office is operated by Fujisan Tourism & Communication Bureau. Located concourse Mt.Fuji side of JR Shin-Fuji Station. We provide useful resources to help you enjoy your trip in Mt.Fuji area. Our knowledgeable staff offers information including tourist facilities and event details both in English and Japanese. Our office also provide you multilingual brochures and maps. Visit the office to get information sightseeing, souvenirs, events and brochures.

Hours  08:45-17:30
Closed New Year's Holiday
Wi-Fi Available for free
Languages English
Address Shin- Fuji Station 1F, 654-10 Kawanarijima, Fuji City, Shizuoka
Tel. 0545-64-2430
Fax. 0545-62-0464

Charming Visitor Certificate

We also present a “Charming Visitor Certificate” signed by the Mayor of Fuji City to those who unfortunately do not get a clear view of Mt. Fuji during their visit. The certificate certifies that Mt. Fuji was bashful and shy because of the visitors’ good looks, and thus hid during their visit.