Fuji City Guidebook

Fuji City Guidebook


  • Sudogawa Ravine
    Sudogawa Ravine
    Sudogawa Ravine

    Sudogawa Ravine is the most beautiful ravine in the Ashitaka mountain range. The water spray of the Odana-falls is extremely cold even in summer, and the view from the Takimi suspension bridge is excellent. Around Odanafalls, there are campsites and hiking courses. Many people enjoy new green leaves in spring and autumn leaves in fall.

  • Mt. Fuji Children's World
    Mt. Fuji Children's World

    Mt.Fuji Children's World is an amusement park located at the east foot of Mt.Fuji. The ground of this park is very large and consists of "Grassland World area","Water World area", and "City area". Children and parents can leisurely enjoy nature activities such as riding ponies, canoeing and so on.

  • Ryuganbuchi

    Along Uruigawa river, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. It is a marvelous view, if you can see Mt.Fuji. Flowering time of the cherry tree, we also do a light up, and fantastic night viewing cherry blossoms are impressive.

  • Marubi Natural Park
    Marubi Natural Park

    This park is located from 400 to 600 meters above the sea and is situated in a large area (100 hectare) in the natural forest growing upon the lava flow of Mt.Fuji. Because this park is making full use of the surrounding nature, you can enjoy hiking, seeing autumn leaves in fall, viewing scenic ponds and exploring a cave made from lava flow.