Mt.Fuji Climbing information

Mt. Fuji Information (Fujinomiya Route)
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- Four Routes to Climb Mt. Fuji

Did you know that there are four routes to climb Mt. Fuji?
There are three on the Shizuoka Prefecture side (Fujinomiya, Gotemba and Subashiri) and one on the Yamanashi Prefecture side (Yoshida). Make a good plan to make sure you don’t get them mixed up!

- Mountain Climbing Season

The season for climbing Mt. Fuji only lasts for two months from July 10 when the mountain opens to September 10. During this time over 300,000 people from all over Japan come to trek up to the mountain’s summit. Novices can feel at ease since there is a medical center and first-aid station open during the season, making it the best time to climb the mountain. Please make sure you plan your climb carefully; you’ll regret it if you take this highest peak in Japan lightly. Check the weather forecast, and if rain or lightning is expected, you will have to resign yourself to descending the mountain or cancelling your climb.

- Mountain Climbing Routes and Approximate Times
Fujinomiya Ascent: 5 hr Descent: 2 hr 30 min
Yoshida Ascent: 5 hr30min Descent: 3 hr

*Times depend on individual physical condition.

- The Rising Sun

Time: 4:30 a.m.~(July)  5:00 a.m.~(August)
The rising sun can be seen on the Fujinomiya route from the 7th station up, and from the 5th station of the Yoshida route.

- Warning about Altitude Sickness

Generally speaking, the only way to cure altitude sickness is to descend the mountain. People usually feel better if they go down near the fifth station. Getting used to the air pressure at this point can help prevent altitude sickness. Making an easygoing climbing plan is also a good idea.

- Off-Season Mountain Climbing

The mountain huts close when September comes along. Novices should not try to climb Mt. Fuji in the off-season as it is extremely dangerous. Even if the weather is warm down below, there may be quite a bit of snowfall near the peak. Please climb with a thorough plan and be Prepared with winter mountain climbing equipment. Furthermore, climbers should make sure to submit a Climbing Plan to the following:

  • Fujinomiya Police Station, Community Affairs Division
    (Tel: 0544-23-0110)
  • Fujiyoshida Police Station, Community Affairs Division
    (Tel: 0555-22-0110)
- Winter Road Information

Mt. Fuji Skyline Information
The Mt. Fuji Skyline road that leads to the fifth station on the Fujinomiya route is closed during winter, from late November to late April (before Golden Week). Please be careful.

- Warnings about Climbing Mt. Fuji
  • Don’t try to climb more than you’re capable.
  • Be as quiet as you can around mountain huts.
  • Prepare 200 yen payments to use the biotoilets installed.
  • Wear mountain climbing shoes that have had the hard soles broken in.
  • The temperature at the summit averages 5˚C in the middle of the day, and can drop below 0˚C at dawn. Make sure to prepare rain gear and ways to keep warm.
  • Credit cards and travelers checks cannot be used on Mt. Fuji. Be sure to carry cash.
  • Buses to the mountain generally run from July 1 to August 31 as official season.
  • You will have to take a taxi from Shin-Fuji Station to the fifth station (Fujinomiya route) when buses are not running. The trip takes about 1-1/2 hours each way.