Cruise the town by "Fujisan Rental Bike"
Fujisan Rent-a-Bike
Open days 1/4~12/28
Open hours 09:00-17:00 (April ~ September)
09:00-16:00 (October ~ March)

You can borrow a bicycle at the Shin-Fuji Station Tourist Information Center for ¥100.
Recommended cycling course maps in English are available at our information center.
Please enjoy cruising the town at your leisure around the foot of Mt. Fuji.

*You need identification such as a passport or driver’s license to borrow a bicycle.
*You can’t borrow a bicycle in a rainy day.

《Reservation and Contact》
Shin-Fuji Station Tourist Information Center
■Open hours : 8:45〜17:30 (Except for New year holiday season)
■TEL : 0545-62-0464

Recommended Cycling Course
Chuo Park and Hiromi Park Course
A course to enjoy seasonal flowers and feel the history of the City
- Chuo Koen = Central Park

[ Approx. 2Km from Shin-Fuji station, 30min. on foot/10 min. by bicycle/5 min. by taxi (approx \1,000) ]

Chuo Koen is located in the center of the city (30 min. walk from the station). The beautiful open grass space and outdoor stage matches well with the Japanese garden. You will enjoy the whole view of Mt. Fuji as well as the reflection of the mountain on the pond. You will also enjoy the rose garden in May & October.

- Hiromi Park and Fuji Municipal Museum

[ Approx.40min bike/15min taxi (approx. ¥2,000) ]

In this park, there is a rose garden, a sculpture park, a park of prefectural trees and over 300 cherry trees. You will feel Mt. Fuji a little closer due to the higher location of the park. The Municipal Museum and some historical buildings were moved from other area of the city and reconstructed here for exhibition.

Karigane Riverbank and Jissoji Temple Course
A trip to Karigane Riverbank and Jissoji Temple by bike and a hike up to Iwamotoyama Park

[ To Jissoji approx. 40min. by bicycle/15 min. by taxi (\2,000) ]

A hiking course is available from Jissoji temple to Iwamotoyama Park and it takes about 20 min. Please park your bicycle at the Jissoji temple parking lot and follow the temple path until you get to the starting point of the hiking course. Iwamotoyama park is located on Mt. Iwamoto; you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Izu Peninsula, Suruga Bay and Southern Alps of Japan. You will also enjoy the various flowers like Ume plum trees, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and hydrangeas in each flowering season and the park offers an excellent photo spot of Mt. Fuji. Jissoji Temple was built in 1145 and is well known as a temple of Nichirensect of Buddhism and its founder, Nichiren stayed there to form the idea of “Establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land”.

Fujisan Shirasu Kaido & Tagonoura Port
A trip to Tagonoura Port and enjoy cycling along the coastal embankment

[ Approx. 20min bicycle ride from Shin-Fuji to Tagonoura Port ]

Ride a bicycle along “Shirasu Kaido”, or young sardine street, and onto Tagonoura Port where you can try “Shirasu-Don”, fresh young sardines either raw or boiled placed on top of the rice in a bowl, at the Fisheries Cooperative restaurant. Enjoy riding a bike at your leisure along the coastal embankment looking over the Suruga Bay.

Visitor’s Guide

Get the basic trip planning tools you need to prepare for your trip to Fuji city and the Mt.Fuji Area.

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