Goshukuba Seal Stamp Journey along the Tokaido

The Tokaido Goshukuba Seal Stamp Project was launched to give travelers the chance to experience the history and culture of the Tokaido route - which once flourished as the road that linked old Edo (present-day Tokyo) with Kyoto - as well as to cultivate interactions and prosperity in communities along the way.
This project gives travelers the chance to collect Goshukuba seal stamps that serve as proof they have visited various post towns (Goshukuba) along the Tokaido.

Goshukuba seal stamp collector books and local Goshukuba seal stamps (Yoshiwara, Fuji city) are sold at the Shin-Fuji Tourist information Center and other 3 places in Fuji city.

If you want to know more details, please check the URL.

【Goshukuba Seal Stamp Collector Book】
3,000 yen (tax in) / 1 book

【Goshukuba Seal Stamp (Yoshiwara, Fuji city)】
300 yen (tax in) / 1 seet