Recommended sightseeing routes in the Fuji area

Revitalize your body and mind by embracing the therapeutic essence
of Mt. Fuji!

Centered around Mt. Fuji, explore diverse, pleasure-filled travel itineraries
with distinctive themes in the surrounding regions.
Discover unforgettable experiences!

【Recommended sightseeing routes】
・Fuji City View : Fun Tour
・Scenic Beauty and Culinary Bliss
・Tea or Coffee?Relaxing Cultural Tour
・Sunset & Night Views Delight
・Tea Culture and Gourmet Feast
・Fuji Roasted Tea Pleasure
・Mt. Fuji Nature and Culture
・MAKAINO Farm : Nature Embrace
・Fuji World Heritage & Shrines
・Fujinomiya Sake Brewery Tour
・Yuru Camp △ Anime Adventure