Fuji Bishamonten Festival 2019

Come and pray to multiply your happiness and fortune by a million during the three days of this special festival held at Myohoji Temple in Fuji City.

This festival is known for hosting one of the three biggest Daruma Doll Festivals in Japan.

Dates: February 11 (Mon.), 12 (Tue.), & 13 (Wed.) 2019
Access from Shin-Fuji Station: (70 min. from Tokyo via Tokaido Shinkansen “Kodama” super express.)
Option 1: 10 min. taxi ride from Shin-Fuji Station to Yoshiwara station, then walk 10 min. to the temple. (traffic restriction implemented)
Option 2: Take Tokaido local line from Fuji station to Yoshiwara station, then 10 min. walk to the temple

Information: Stop by at Shin-Fuji Station Tourist Information Center
TEL: 0545-64-2430